YUPSOUL - Organic brand & modernity

Découvrez dès maintenant nos collections streetwear. ✓ Des pièces bio, unisexes et minimalistes. Yupsoul est une marque de streetwear française conçue à Paris. ✓ Livraison France & Internationale (offerte à partir de 120€). ✓ Paiement 100% sécurisé.
At YUPSOUL, we put as much love and attention into producing our clothes in a sustainable way as we do into designing them. Managing our business while being particularly sensitive to the world around us is one of our priorities. We place environmental issues & working conditions at the forefront of our concerns and we want to take up the challenge and make the fashion world a fairer and more environmentally friendly industry. Our social responsibility policy defines our position in this respect, as well as the steps for its implementation.


Socially responsible fashion starts with decent working conditions. From the factories we work with to the working conditions that prevail there, we oversee all stages of the supply chain to maintain both a respectful working environment and impeccable production quality.


The fibres, and in particular the cotton used in YUPSOUL garments, meet high requirements which, in addition to quality standards, must also respect the principles of sustainable development. We make sure that we use organic cotton for certain products or cotton that does not come from sources that pose a risk to human rights.


We do not use any materials from animal husbandry & we have also banned the use of fur, mohair and angora.  


In order to contribute as much as possible to the essential ecological effort of our time, we use several types of packaging:

  • Rigid envelopes made of recyclable cardboard, with the FSC label, 0% impact on the environment

  • Flexible envelopes made of 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper.


  • The High protection recyclable packagings: cardboard boxes, tubes, polyethylene bags or mailing envelopes. Some products might require extra packaging to ensure protection during shipments. For example, mugs, wall clocks and canvases are shipped in cardboard boxes with foam inserts.

The poly bags used in our packaging are recyclable, low-density polyethylene, FDA and USDA compliant.